When they hear someone mention a scarf, many people switch to what you would describe as the “feminine talk mode”. This is because of the prevailing belief that these kinds of clothing are only for women. You are definitely lagging behind if you haven’t heard much about men scarves. Here are some of the facts that should bring you up to date:

Scarves for men have been here since the beginning

While the tradition’s worldwide popularity is only on rapid increase today, men started wearing scarves as far as two thousand years back. Egyptian workers covered their heads with these pieces on a hot workday, so did kings as they sat to enjoy fanning by palace maidens.

Chinese armies of wore scarves as part of their uniforms through the mid 18th century. [Men scarves] have also been a commonplace in Arab nations for a long time.

Best places to wear a scarf

Scarves can fit many occasions. They can either make you unique and noticeable in a crowd, or help you identify with your boys when going out together.

Few things are as stylish as wearing a scarf on the beach; it feels so unique when the light breeze plays with the hanging edges at the front or back of a scarf. In essence, it reflects the peace that lies is deep within the wearer.

Athletes too- whether they are mountain climbers, bikers, or runners- look better in scarves than with bare heads. Moreover, the head clothing can minimize the effects of cold weather, or scorching sun.

There is one more reason why next time as you go for that race, party, or nature walk, you should not forget to add a scarf to your head: It is a sign of confidence and determination. Learn more on how to select the best men scarves for you.