The scarf originates from the Scottish countryside at a mill that has for over 200 years. This mill uses traditional methods to make the cashmere scarf. Before the final product is ready the fabric passes over 30 stages. To make it super soft, it is taken to a natural spring where it is washed and brushed with extreme care. For the last 200 years these scarves have been produced by this mill, furthermore this is one of the oldest mill still working to date.

The cashmere scarf has a unique check design in most cares though they now can be found in plain color. There natural soft feel is what makes it appealing to most people. Another major advantage is that most of them are unisex. They exist in different forms and for different occasions. There are those you can wear with a suit for an official business meeting and those that you can put on top of your party wear for an official night out. During winter you can go for the heavy ones while for summer you have the light and more colorful ones.

Most of the cashmere scarves are rectangular in shape and have a fringing on the width. The most common scarves have large lines in black, grey, maroon and cream running across them.The cashmere scarf is considered by many a classic accessory to your outfit. It is associated with a people of high social status. These scarves can be purchased in most shops and online stores at a pretty cheap price. All the scarves are trendy and you can choose from the wide variety available.

A cashmere scarf is an excellent accessory to your wardrobe. You can wear it during cold winters or hot summers; you just have to choose light or heavy.