Men’s scarf is often rectangular with a length and width of 70 and 10 inches respectively. A scarf primarily protects your neck from sunlight and dust in the hot seasons and keeps you warm in winter. Try the following elegant ways to tie your masculine scarf.

The French knot that is also known as European, Parisian, slip or simple knot is worth your effort. It requires a long fabric that should also not be bulky. Fold your scarf in halves such that it ends touch each other. Pass the loose endings of your fabric round your neck while holding the joined end with one hand. Tuck the loose ends through the united bending and pull snug appropriately to be firm yet loose enough for a scarf.

Alternatively, you can choose to wrap the men’s scarf around your neck twice and let the ends remain hanging down in the front. This technique is known as the twice-round design that is idyllic for longer yet thin scarves for men.

Once-round men’s scarf folding design is equally simple to create with medium long to very long scarves. Twist the fabric around your neck once and try to position the loose ends on your front sides. Alternatively, you can create a knot and pass one knot through it if you want to have one hanging piece of fabric.

To make a fake knot, hang your men’s scarf round the neck allowing one end to be twice as long as the other side. Create a loose over-hand knot close to the edge of the shorter side; let it have extra fabric of approximately 15 inches. Slightly tug the new knot apart then slip the longer end through it. Try to tighten and adjust your scarf to a desired length. For best results, you should use a decorated scarf that is slightly thick.