Learning multiple scarf tying techniques can help you to turn a scarf into anything you wish to have. For example, you could use your scarf as a cardigan. The kimono model cardigans are easily made from scarves. You might want to turn an old scarf to a modern kimono by simply tying it the right way. Remember that, even though you will not use the scarf as a cardigan in the wintry seasons, it will be useful in straw-hat.

Skillful scarf tying tricks can convert your scarf into a headband. Neck scarves come in so handy in this design. Most importantly, you will be spending less on the headbands. This also allows you do portray your personality since nearly all headbands take either the same shape or color.

Known by few is a scarf tying method that creates vests from typical scarves. You cannot get a uniquely designed vest than one that you design independently. Try exploring multiple designs from your scarf and come up with a fashionable vest.

Scarves can also be used as skirts, peplums and even dresses. Infinity scarves cannot be more useful if they cannot cloth you up occasionally. You only need a belt to unravel this hidden power of your infinitude scarf that will amp your wardrobe’s game.

Different scarves have different styles. Each design can be tied differently to come up with a new look. For example, rectangular, handkerchief and silk scarves are tied differently. Crinkle-textured scarves also demand for other tying skills. Each of the fabric and tying mode makes the scarf fit for multiple occasions. Consequently, you will be coming out with a new look each day. This allows you to be unpredictable and fancy in your style.

With the multi-functional purposes of scarves, you can take time to twist and turn your scarf into something else so that it is not tied to a neck scarf only.