There are men who see scarves as a part of women fashion accessories. And if you are one of them you should change your mind. Since the World Wars, scarves have been a popular part of men’s outfit. In these World Wars, aviators wore them for warmth purposes and also as a way of preventing chafing while scanning the sky.

The modern men are wearing them for fashion and function. As a man, you can wear a scarf in many different ways and for more purposes than just keeping your neck warm. Scarves add sophistication and interest to your outfit and it’s possible to wear them in both casual and formal outfit.

Scarves for men are available in various colors, lengths and patterns. Designers make them with different materials that range from lightweight to thick materials. The primary difference between scarves is that some are triangular shaped while others are square shaped. But the long rectangular shaped scarves for men are the most popular.


Different types of scarves for men

There are many different types of men’s scarves in the market today and which range from the standard scarves to the tube shaped neck warmers.

The standard scarves for men

These are the most popular scarves, which are long and rectangular. They are also available in different materials and in various colors and styles.

Square scarves

These scarves have their roots in the traditional Arab headdress known as Keffiyeh often worn by Arab men as a way of protecting their head from sun. But luckily, this style moved to the west.

Pashimina Scarves

Also called pashiman shawls, these scarves are a little different from the other luxurious scarves due to special cashmere wool blend. Generally, they are longer than the other scarves, soft and lightweight.


Snoods are a little different from all the other scarves. Typically, they are tube-shaped scarves without loose ends. To wear a snood, you only need to tie it around your neck.

Aviator scarves for men

Made of either wool or silk, these scarves were initially designed for pilots. They were often made with white materials, but after they became fashion accessories, other colors were integrated.