I love scarves they are simple, sophisticated and sassy. Just as much as there are different types of scarves, so are there just as many different ways to tie a scarf. Scarves are just wonderful because you can have one and wear it in so many different ways and they will always be there and ready to be worn even if you are pregnant ladies, they will not shrink!

A French knot is an awesome way of tying your scarf. Let the scarf hang on your neck, then twist it once and fold it. Take one end of the folded part and run it around your neck, then pass it through the circular end that remained after the fold. Once you have passed it through, tighten the scarf and a beautiful knot will be formed. It is gorgeous ladies try it out.

With so many different ways to tie a scarf, don’t restrict yourself to one style. Experiment with different ways and you will be amazed at the results not to mention the fun. Another different way to tie a scarf is taking a square scarf, then fold it diagonally and tie the two ends. Put it on with the tied knot behind your neck. Tuck in the part of the scarf that remains hanging loosely in the front. It will form a beautiful necklace like wrap around your neck.

Another different way to tie a scarf is taking a long scarf and wrapping it twice around your neck. Then tie the two remaining loose ends in small knots then take the rest of the scarf and tuck it in the already wrapped part of the scarf. Tuck it in nicely and it will form a beautiful rounded wrap around your neck. It looks so beautiful and it is worth trying.