Get wrapped in a beautiful scarf and you will be amazed at how this wonder piece of cloth transforms your look to one that draws attention. Scarves have the capability of transforming your look to a different level all together.

There are different ways to wear a scarf and you can always experiment different scarves for different methods. You can tie, knot, fluff, wrap, twist, braid, fold or even just hanging them around your neck and you are good to go.

As much as there are different ways to wear a scarf, the design of the scarf determines largely how to wear it. There are circle scarves, bandanas, large scarves, winter scarves, thin scarves and even head scarves all which can be tied in different styles.

Long scarves can be braided, twisted wrapped in different styles or even just hanged loosely around the neck. Wearing such long scarves can be easy and difficult at the same time. But the beauty of these long scarves is that they provide you with a lot of alternative methods of wearing them.

Short and tiny scarves like the bandanas are more limited when it comes to the different ways of wearing scarves. Due to their size, you can wrap them around your neck once or utmost twice, then tie the two loose ends into a tiny knot. You can also twist them, but they will appear like a tie, so if you don’t mind that look, go for it.

Another different way to wear a scarf is wrapping it on your head. Wrapping scarves on your head can be very stylish, and it is an amazing cover up for bad hair days. So if you don’t have time to visit the salon and your hair is not at its best, just wrap a scarf and you can face the day confidently.