Have you ever seen anyone wearing a scarf with checks of black and white, if yes I think you admired their scarves? This is the houndstooth scarf. This scarf has the legacy of being embraced by some of the world’s most historic leaders. Yasser Arafat always tied this scarf around his head. It was his trademark look, anyone could easily identify him in a photo by just looking for the check white and black scarf.

Though it originated from Scotland, the scarf gained popularity around the world quickly. It was initially made from wool but now it can also be found in silk, cotton and linen fabrics. Houndstooth scarves were quickly adopted by some Arabic men as a sign of their influence and wealth, those who took this new scarf thought of themselves as leaders. Now different designs for these patterned scarves are available from circle scarves which are more popular with the young adults to head scarves which are a more popular with powerful Arabic men. This days you can find this scarves in checks of grey and white or even red and white, but one thing that doesn’t change is the patterns despite the color changes. You can also find pocketed scarves made of houndstooth, while some are fleeced or fringing.

Neck scares are the most common of houndstooth scarves and are prominent in Arabic deserts. Most of those who wear them around here are men who use them to protect themselves from sand particles entering their nostrils during strong winds. Though not very popular in the American market, they can be worn during summer as they go along with any casual outfit.

Houndstooth scarves are mostly summer wears that are fit for both men and women on casual days. Buy you scarf today and change the feel of your outfit.