What is Modal?

This is a type of fibre collected from the beach tree cellulose. The fibre is soft and highly absorbent, thus holds dye; therefore, it does not shrink, fade or still, as such, it is used to design cashmere scarves.

How to protect the scarf?

This is a delicate fabric prone to pulls and snags, sharp objects, jewelry and zips harms the material. Dry clean the accessory only when necessary, otherwise airing the scarf under-shade eliminates the creases.

Is hand washing safe?

Hand washing cashmere scarves removes some dye from the fabric. the best way of cleaning dry cleaning the scarf, yet if you decide hand washing, use cold water and mild bleach detergents. Squeeze the scarf gently and hang on a line under a shade.

How do you take care of the scarf?

Often, scarves get few marks owing to your busy life. Do not worry, in case you notice any mark, use a damp cloth to wipe the scarf clean. If the mark sticks, wash the scarf in cold water mixed with mild bleach detergent and dry flat the accessory under shade.

Is online shipping safe?

There are different shipping procedures, but depending on the retailing website. Most websites offer international shipping at flat rates. Usually, the order takes about 2 days before arriving at your home.

How is the accessory packaged?

Packaging depends on the site selling the cashmere scarves. Nevertheless, it’s rapped in waterproof postage bag with a postcard and the matching destination for the product. If you get wrong scarf, contact the site immediately for refund or correct shipment.

These are the frequently asked questions before checking out cashmere scarves from online sites. Use this guide to make informed decision, especially if you want to make major purchases for winter and summer.