This is a piece of clothing that is tied around the head. A head scarf can be of any shape or length depending on your preferences and its purpose. Over the years, scarves have emerged to become one of the most stylish accessories especially with the return of African print fabric to fashionable. It is common to see people with African print fabric on their heads. They are mostly worn by women but at times men do tie them around there hairline as it is popular among Mexican men. The most famous of all is the Hijab. This is worn by Islamic women who are past puberty in need of men. They also wear them to the mosque to present themselves as modest women of the society.

A head scarf is a very flexible accessory to a woman. It can be tied in different ways according to different occasions and be able to bring out your up style sense in fashion.

Different ways to tie a head scarf

Here are some of the ways you can tie your head scarf and look trendy and fashionable on a daily basis:

  1. a) If your hair is unwashed you can use the front knot turban style to cover your hair.
  2. b) In Betty bow, the scarf is tied around your hairline.
  3. c) You can tuck your hair under the turban as in folded turban style.
  4. d) You can also use a long scarf around your forehead and braid it with your hair at the back.
  5. e) In retro knot, the scarf passes in the middle of your hair.

A head scarf is a unique fashion accessory you ought to have in your wardrobe since you can tie the scarf depending on your mood, even on a bad hair day they still come in handy.