If you want to begin home economics you need the best domestic skills. It’s no secret that related skills requires years of practice to master the arts from scratch. You can begin with cooking, home organizing and crafting with kids. Therefore is a rookie in sewing project the foremost place to begin is calling your grandma. However, if aware of the recent ruffle scarf sewing innovation – the red heart sashay yarn technique – following are features of the project, the pattern used and step-by-step instructions!


  • A Sashay Yarn ball.
  • An H-hook Crochet design.

Step-by-step ruffle scarf sewing Instructions

  1. Begin by identifying the yarn, and then lay it flat. It’s easy to identify the top since the bottom is a metallic edge design.
  2. To affirm more secure stitching, begin from the top row to the second row.
  3. Start by folding the edge double up (this is sewing through 9 holes using your crochet). This step is challenging, however, it’s crucial since it fastens the yarn (does not unravel) and hides the end.
  4. Proceed to the 10th hole and initiate first stitch by pulling the loops over last loops.
  5. End the scarf with at least 10 holes. Repeat step 3 – doubling up the yarn & crotchet through the holes to the 10th.
  6. If you have pending yarn, pull it through the last loop.
  7. Complete the ruffle scarf by knotting a small secure edge, but trim it to hide the end.

Crocheting a ruffle scarf using red heart sashay yarn technique takes about 3 – 4 hours to completion. The tiresome part of this scarf sewing project is where to begin or end ensuring that the yarn does not unravel. Crocheting is a fun experience and you will love using the red heart sashay yarn technique.