When buying a scarf, you should know that there are some designed for women and others for men. Furthermore, there are many options to consider during your purchase. First decide whether you need a scarf for fashion or for function. Then consider the following:

Scarf size

Even though there are no standard rules, traditionally, a person would choose a scarf according to their height – the tallest would select the longest scarf. But a major difference between men’s and women’s scarves is that those designed for men are typically wider than those made for women. A scarf designed specifically for men should have a width ranging between 6 to 14 inches and its length should fall in the range of 50 to 90 inches. Average height men should select scarves more than 60 inches long and larger men should choose those around 70 inches.

The scarf color

Men’s scarves are mostly found in neutral solid and darker colors. However, some of them consist of solid colored stripes. But on the other hand, women’s scarves are more colorful and may have many patterns.

The men’s scarf design

Scarves for men are neutral in design, possibly including stripes, colors and/or cabled designs. Designers incorporate lace or some other fabrics when making scarves for women as a way of adding fashion taste.

Scarf fiber

Men’s scarves can be made of any material, but traditionally, they were made with acrylic or wool and they were rarely made of silk, cashmere or bamboo yarns. But you can choose any scarf provided you are happy with its appearance.

Tying a men’s scarf

Don’t just hang your scarf around the neck; instead stick to one of the following ways:

Once around

This style requires you to tie your scarf around your neck once. It is also the easiest way of tying a scarf.

Parisian knot

To create a Parisian knot, double the scarf and drape it around your neck. Then pull its ends via the loop.

Twice around

This simply means wrapping your scarf twice around your neck.

Loose wrap

This style is similar to the “once around.” It involves loosely wrapping a scarf around your neck.