Scarves are worn either on the neck, the head, or even around the waist. But most of the time scarves are worn around the neck. That is why it is good to know how to tie a scarf around your neck.  

There are many styles and methods of tying the scarf around your neck. One way of tying a scarf around your neck is taking your scarf drape it over your neck after folding it in half. Take one of the hanging ends pull it over the loop formed after folding the scarf. Take the other piece left hanging and pass it over then under that loop and you are ready to walk out looking awesome.

Another way of how to tie a scarf around your neck is to take two different scarves, different in color but same in size, put them back to back, and loop in around your neck once or twice in the same direction. The secret to this style is being able to see both sides so that the two different colors are seen.

Neck wrap is another fantastic way of wearing a scarf around your neck. It is very easy, just take a long scarf, and loop it severally around your neck up until only tiny parts of the scarf ends remain. Tie the remaining ends into a tiny knot, and then tuck them under the scarf loops. It looks beautiful more like a large necklace.

Did you know that you can braid your scarf as well? Take a long scarf, then tie one of the loose ends into a knot, then take the untied end and pull it under the loop, repeat this process until the ends are too short to go on and you have a braided scarf.