Scarves are not just for women. Nowadays men too look fashionable and stylish in scarves. When it comes to how to wear scarf for men, they too have different styles and methods of wearing scarves.

One of the ways of wearing a scarf for men is taking a medium rectangular scarf and simply draping it around your neck, that simple. Note though that this style is not one for cold season, it is just a fashion way of putting on that scarf.

Another way for men to wear their scarf is draping the scarf on your neck, before putting on your coat, and then bring the two ends close together. Put on your coat and tie the buttons, the scarf will cover the chest area being the focal point of the outfit. You can then adjust it will to get that v-shape and you are good to go.

How to tie scarf for men is most of the time simplified, because most men prefer the process to be simple, not a complicated process that they will give up on the way before completing.

Another way that men can tie can their scarf is by folding a slightly lengthy scarf on the hands and forming a loop on one end. Then drape it around your neck and pull the unfolded ends through the loops and make the scarf into a knot around your neck. Readjust the knot and make it as tight or as loose as you desire.

Lastly on how to tie a scarf for men is taking the scarf and tying a knot on one side towards the middle, then take the untied side and pass it through the knot. It will look more like a tie and you can adjust it to the level you want it to be.