Scarves, in all their simplicity can prove to be really tricky. The basic wrap-and-tie method of tying can go so wrong in numerous ways. A haphazard tie usually results in one end being noticeably shorter than the other and avoiding the knot altogether bears the risk of causing trouble in keeping clothing in place. On the other hand, going overboard with knots results in an unnecessarily bulky looking scarf.

One of the simplest ways to tie a scarf is self described in its name; the Simple Loop. You fold the scarf in half length then drape it around your neck after which you loop the loose ends through the folded loop that has been formed and you are good to go. However, this method of tying a scarf is a little bit dated and may also come off as too common if you were going for a fashion statement.

There is also the Pretzel style of tying a scarf, which is a variation of the simple loop. In this method you place the loose ends through the loop in opposite directions. One loose end going through the obvious side of the loop, and the other wrapped around and going through the opposite end of the loop. This is a technique that works perfectly with light scarf. If tried with a heavy scarf you may end up looking more clumsy than sophisticated and fashionable.

There are more intricate methods of tying a scarf such as the Infinity Knot and the beautifully named Celebrity Knot that is sort of a bib with fringe. There are also those that may be less appealing to the eye and that are outdated such as the Hipster Keffiyeh style, which may be in most people’s opinions a style of questionable taste and appears to have run its course.