Scarves are a very prominent accessory for many women. Tying a scarf is a simple yet very sophisticated way of adding glam to any outfit. That is why learning how to tie a scarf is a very fundamental and important lesson to anyone who values this awesome piece of cloth.

Once you have selected the scarf that is matching with your outfit, or one that is contrasting with the outfit, or let me just say one that you feel like putting on a particular day, then standing in front of a mirror, let the scarf hang loosely on your neck, then take the two ends and putting your hand to support it, tie the scarf in such a way that it creates a hole in it.

Once the hole is formed, the two ends of the scarf will remain hanging loosely, don’t leave at that, take the two ends and pass them through the hole, one at a time. The two ends will then be tied at the back of your neck with a tiny knot and you are good to go. When learning how to tie a scarf, then this method works well when you don’t want any loosely hanging scarves.

If this method is a bit complicated for you, then take your scarf and tie it twice around your neck. Don’t tie it tightly in a way that it can choke you, just loosely.

Something to note though is that scarves are not just tied around the neck; they can be tied on the head too. Learning how to tie a scarf on the head is dictated by your style; you can just wrap a scarf around your head and tie a knot at the back of your head, or do it the reverse way by wrapping the scarf on the head and tying the knot at the front.