Scarves remain among the most practical fashion accessories for both men and women. They help you get through some unforgiving weather conditions without losing your sense of style. Depending on the weather, fabric and event, there are quite a number of different ways on how to tie scarves. These four highlight how men and women can tie their scarves for formal night occasions:

Drape and pin it!

The catch here is to remain formal, trendy and warm all at the same time. A proper way to tie your scarf here would be to drape it. Place it well on your neck leaving the two ends dangling. To minimize interference of the loose ends, you can use a pin or brooch to hold them in position.

Male vogue

This works best for men with collared t-shirts or other types of outfits. Fold your scarf twice and draper it at your neck and hold the two sides in front with one longer than the other. Regulate the lengthier end after crossing it on the smaller one.

Ascot wrap

This is a great option for women invited for formal occasions with little clue on how to tie scarves. A plus about this style is that it suits in well with skirts, tops as well as slacks. The ascot wrap is achieved by taking a scarf and having it diagonally folded. Drape it and to achieve a stylish glimpse, crossing the ends before bringing them on the front side works perfectly well.

French twist

This would make up for a great option if you have a jacket on. You start by filling the headscarf in your jacket then folding it in the middle. Cross the ends behind your neck and bring make some knots on the hanging ends just below your chin.

There are dozens of ways on how to tie scarves for formal occasions that suit in well with different clothes styles. You should not limit your creativity and style to only these mentioned techniques. You can be the author of an outstanding new model of tying scarves so be sure to try out as many designs as possible.