A scarf is a piece of fabric worn by both men and women around the neck, can also be worn around the waist for ladies and not forgetting that it can be wrapped on the hair either as a style, or just to cover up for bad hair day.

There are so many ways of wearing scarves and the choice is yours. The scarves also come in so many different fabric types and colors as well. Scarves enhance your look and they make your outfit standout boldly.

When it comes to how to wear a scarf one way of wearing it, is wrapping the scarf around your neck and letting it hang loosely, or circling it around your neck once or even several times. The style is simple and anyone can try it out.

Scarf can also be twisted to form a beautiful pattern. Twisted scarves should be long enough for the twisting to be easy, but that does not mean that short scarves cannot be twisted, they too can. To twist a scarf, just drape it around your neck, and then intertwine the loosely hanging ends. Tie a small knot so that the twist does not come off.

If you are still wondering on how to wear a scarf, then another awesome method of twisting your scarf is to take two scarves that are light twist them together before wearing, then circle it around your neck or just let it hang.

Tying the scarves into a knot is also a beautiful way of wearing your scarf, drape it around the neck, then just tie the two ends into a knot and let it hang.

How to wear a scarf on your hair is also worth noting. You can use it as a hair band to hold the hair in place, or just wrap it on your head in a beautiful style and you are good to go.