The winter season is here, and it is time to get those scarves on your neck. The cold unforgiving season does not offer an excuse for just hanging that scarf around the neck. There are stylish ways of tying your scarf this winter that you may want to try out. These five are among the most common how to wear scarves styles for men you will see this Christmas;


This can be termed as the simplest style a man can tie his scarf. The secret here is to ensure that the scarf is for men. There is no actual tying here as you just drape it over your neck letting it fall in front of your chest landing on your coat.

Fake knot

This style looks almost like the drape the only difference being that you tie a knot on one side of the scarf. To get the best look from this, try a patterned scarf. The length of the scarf normally does not affect the final look much.

Once round

This is among the most popular style on (how to wear scarves) for men. It keeps you warm giving you a sense of style at the same time. You can use a long scarf for this. Just wrap the scarf at least once on your neck and leave the two ends hanging on your coat.


Also referred to as the European knot, this simple style uses the scarf as a wind stopper on top of keeping your neck warm. You will need a long scarf and for best results, it should not be a bulky one. You tie your scarf in a slip by folding it in half and pass the loose ends on the double over bend when wrapping around your neck. You can adjust the length of your scarf just as you require.

Twice round

This is a perfect choice for how to wear scarves on a very cold day. Tying it is as simple as wrapping your long scarf twice around your neck leaving the two ends dangling.