Ladies have you ever noticed how a simple thing like a scarf makes a whole difference in the way your outfit looks? Scarves are just awesome accessories to add to your outfit and they make you stand out in a bold and positive way.

How to wrap a scarf around your neck is a simple way of complimenting your outfit. Take your scarf and loosely wrap it severally around your neck and you are good to go.

Apart from using it as accessory scarf can help you to cover up for some parts that you are not willing to show off. If for instance you have a long day with meetings in the office and later on at the end of the day you have a date that you are really looking forward to, then not to worry. All you need is a scarf and not two pairs of clothes.

Put on that sexy dress that will show your cleavage, and yes you got it right; hide that cleavage with your scarf for the office. Wrap it around your neck covering the cleavage well and you are good to go. Then come evening take off the scarf, and go rock that date. Just learn how to wrap the scarf well and you can attend different occasions with just one attire, with the scarf working the magic for you.

How to wrap a scarf can be a bit overwhelming for someone who has never tied a scarf before. Another way of wrapping a scarf and looking awesome is taking the scarf and folding it into to equal parts. Then wrap it around your neck and then take the two loose ends and pass them in the hole created by the folded part and you are good to go. It is simple, but you will look beautiful with it.