Scarves are a must-have accessory in your wardrobe. They are fashionable, trendy and practical but only when they are worn correctly and with the right outfit. Infinity scarves are large pieces of fabric, with a cool loopy or circular style which can be worn in many different creative ways. They are simple, well-designed and can be an everyday outfit for both men and women. They are mainly worn for warmth or as a decorative piece to complement an outfit. They are perfect for those cold winter nights especially when you need your ears covered.

They are so many, easy to learn ways to wear infinity scarves. They can be worn, in the most basic style, around the neck with a single loop with the scarf hanging lose. This allows the neck to breathe which makes it ideal for warm weather. Also, it is the most appropriate for either formal or casual attire. Other popular styles include a double loop around the neck, scarf over the head as a hood or draped over the shoulders. Women targeting a more sophisticated look can try the shoulder wrap. The double loop is the most versatile as it can be worn with almost everything-tank tops, shirts etc.

The great thing about infinity scarves is they are easy and quick to wear. Unlike with other types of scarfs which have to be tied into difficult knots and styles. Men look good in infinity scarves when they are paired with overcoats, pullovers or a blazer to cover up the exposed areas. They make a good substitute for neck ties, giving you a different, fashionable and fresh office look.

An added advantage is they work with all body sizes and shapes, everyone can get one. They can boost your confidence and showcase your personality to people around you.