How to knit scarf is an easy undertaking and once you familiarize with the basics, it’s similar to knitting fringed, striped or patterned scarf. The foremost step, understand the basic pattern, and then you can knit using your own variations.

Understanding the Basic of Knitting Scarves

The first step to knit scarf experiments is to understand of the basic – it’s simple, cast about 10 stitches and knit downward as you pick up the pace. This procedure is for a beginner. You will learn common mistakes commonly made by experts. Then, you can begin knitting scarves using the next embellishments.

Knit a stripped scarf as instructed:

First, learn how to knit a solid scarf, and then you can advance to striped scarf. The complex part while knitting stripped scarf is joining the yarn.

In this procedure, knit the scarf like you did as a beginner until you reach the strip region, where you have to cut the yarn, and then introduce the new color. Continue knitting the color to a preferred length. You can introduce a new color or switch back to the original. However, you need to ensure the new colors are on a corresponding row. Therefore, join “only” on odd or even row.

Knit a fringed scarf

Once you knit scarf, the fringing is never a problem. In this case, hold two materials (double up) and wrap it around your arm (about 7 times, but depending on the thickness you want). If thicker fringe, wrap six or five times. Cut the bottom pieces then use a crochet to hook the loops of the scarf and repeat the procedure.

Knitting a scarf is as easy as learning how to knit for the first time. It’s often a plain procedure, but sometimes a lackluster experience.