Before you spend time digging through your closet fishing for that pair of knit gloves you have owned for years, acknowledge this; it is time for an upgrade. You already knew that, but you keep asking yourself why buy something new, like gloves when you already own a pair that serves it s purpose perfectly. Also, remember that business meeting you had last year where your hands almost froze off because you the gloves you had were not appropriate to wear complimentary to a suit? Guess what? Leather gloves are formally-approved and you do not have to sit through another meeting in sheer discomfort. There are several types of leather gloves for men as illustrated in the examples below.

First, the Carhartt insulated leather glove. Carhartt men’s gloves have been designed to avail a rough-and-tumble glove that is built to last. These gloves are made from cowhide and are available in black or brown. These gloves will last a lifetime, whether you tend to wear them to the office or when doing work outside or for both purposes.

Also, there are Deerskin Gloves. You will find a wide assortment of Men’s gloves made out of deerskin as a result of the dexterity and suppleness. These gloves are available a yellowish or brown hue, and are perfect for blue articles of clothing as opposed to black.

Iron & Resin Buffalo Bobber Gloves are men’s leather gloves made out of 100% grain buffalo hide leather, and normally feature a cinched cuff in order to ensure a comfortable snug fit that keeps you warm when you are out there in the elements.

Finally, there are the Scotch & Soda Leather & Suede Gloves. These gloves are from Amsterdam and are made to bring out a high-class, sophisticated, and unique look. As an additional bonus, they feature an elastic cuff that will helps create a tight seal around the wrist, which you will definitely appreciate when you are working in negative temperatures.