Consumers are constantly being sold virtues of the cashmere material, from its comforting warmth to its unrivalled softness. In this case, what exactly makes cashmere scarves so superior? How are they different to regular wool and why is it so much more expensive? Who does quality cashmere and how can I wear the scarves best? Men’s Cashmere scarves are made using the fine undercoat fiber of the Cashmere goat that originate from the Kashmir region of India. The Cashmere goats have a double fleece that consists of two layers. The outer layer is coarse hair that provides a water-repellent coat while the inner coat is a soft, insulating ultra-fine layer of hair. It is this fine undercoat that is used to produce Cashmere scarves this soft undercoat hair that’s used to produce cashmere wool.

The first benefit of cashmere scarves is their Softness. Our skin is a very sensitive organ and is often the first part of the body to drop clues that we ought to be treating it with a little more care. Our skin will react to what we place against it. A man who wears a coarse sheep’s wool scarf will attest to the uncomfortable itch that follows as soon as it is worn. Unlike coarse wool, Cashmere scarves offer an itch-free experience since it lacks the rough, scratchy texture associated with conventional wool.

In addition to this, Cashmere scarves are renowned for their superb insulation, outperforming scarves made from other materials by far. As a matter of fact, premium-grade Cashmere scarves are more than eight times warmer than regular wool scarves. Cashmere’s ability to retain such body heat is s a result of the unique structure of its fibers it comprises. It is no wonder the Cashmere goats are not affected by the extreme temperature fluctuations in their habitats.

An additional advantage of Cashmere scarves is that they are resilient. Quality Cashmere has an added benefit of not shrinking during washing unlike most scarves made of regular wool. Cashmere retains its shape mush better than other types of wool.

However, besides all these advantages of a Cashmere scarf for men, it also serves as a fashion statement due its intrinsic beauty and appeal to the eye. Also, unlike materials such as silk, the Cashmere scarf tends to bring out a more masculine appeal, making it quite ideal for men.