Men’s Gloves have been around for centuries and are an accessory worn on the hands and typically serve the purpose of keeping their owner warm, or protecting their hands when performing certain activities. More recently, they have also become a symbol of fashion awareness and style.

Despite the common belief that there are variations of gloves all with separate sheaths for each finger, one style that differs is the mitten. Mittens are predominantly used for cold seasons and encapsulate all the fingers leaving only the thumb to its own individual sheath. An addition variation is the fingerless glove that is exactly what its name suggests. Also, there are gauntlets that feature a large opening for all the fingers inclusive of the thumb. In this article we will reserve focus on the traditional glove that has five separate sheaths for each finger.

Men’s gloves are mainly used to protect the hand along with its digits. Whether the protection from cold weather, friction, damage from abrasion, chemicals, or disease. Gloves are used in numerous ways and as mentioned above, they are also used as fashionable accessories.

Men’s gloves come designed for a range of purposes, such as, sporting gloves, work gloves and fashionable gloves, among other kinds. For example, doctors use disposable gloves that protect them and their patients from infections and disease. Firefighters use special protective gloves designed to prevent burns, while police officers use kevlar lined gloves that protect them from being poked by needles and protect them when they engage in hand to hand combat with assailants in hand to hand combat with assailants. In sports athletes will wear specially designed gloves for wrestling, boxing, baseball as well as a wide variety of other sports.

Men’s gloves are also made form a wide array of materials, inclusive of leather, rubber, latex, wool as well as metal depending on what purposes the particular gloves were made for.