The leather glove is the sophisticated man’s bread and butter. A pair of brown or black leather gloves is a fantastic investment and becomes a great asset to any modern man’s wardrobe. Whilst it may be argued that black is more suited to formal wear, the brown leather glove is versatile and integrates with both formal and casual outfits. As with for matching the color of the gloves with your shoes, but don’t fret too, in fact, matching your leathers perfectly for men, may seem a bit contrived. For this reason, opt for pieces that come are almost similar but differ in exact shade. Additionally, when searching for the perfect pair, it is important to remember that leather is not the most insulating material and therefore one should consider the inner linings of the glove. For this reason it is advisable to consider wool or cashmere-lined gloves.

Men’s leather gloves also come in a wide variety of colors. Where black and brown seem too safe, you may opt for alternative colors such as green, navy, oxblood or grey. Unlike shoes, colored leather gloves for men are much easier to pull off.

There are also leather gloves designed for specific purposes. For example, Driving Gloves. However, these leather gloves may seem a little bit out of place outside of, their designed purpose, for example, driving. They may not perform well as insulating gloves and unless you’re a stunt master like evil knievel, they may be difficult to pull off.

Men’s leather gloves are quite stylish if you are willing to give them a chance. However, they are obviously best reserved for when temperatures really begin to drop. Therefore, try to integrate your leather gloves with a tailored jacket, a shirt, a fine knit sweater, or a pair of dark jeans or chinos.