Some people prefer covering there necks during cold winter seasons or even just for fun. The best tool for this job is the neck scarf. It can be made of any fabric and be of any size. Different types of this scarves serve the same purpose at different capacities. Some of the brands are wide and square and the most common brand is the houndstooth scarf. This ones are always light and are mostly used during summers and in hot regions. Those who wear them in hot sandy areas always pull them up to their nostrils during sandstorms. In America it may be used during summer to add glamour to the wearers’ outfits. Most of this are unisex except those that have floral prints that are mostly associated with women.

The other type of neck scarves is the long slim and heavy scares. These scarves are often worn during winter and fall seasons. They are made slim and heavy so that they can easily go around your head to give you maximum warmth. There are those that are light but are only used by Roman Catholic priests.

Neck scarf is made using wool, especially that from the cashmere mills in Scotland of the Pashmina from Kashmir in India and from Nepal. The scarves for winter are majorly made of wool. They always have hairy and bushy touch that is good for heat conservation. In some instances you may find silk or suede neck scarves. Those made of silk are always shiny and may be hairy while the suede ones are always compact. Some of the neck scarves may also have animal prints on them.

Neck scarf is a trendy accessory and always serve its purpose, whether protecting from cold or just a fashion stunt. You should always stock them in your wardrobe.