If you are passionate about fashion and scarfs, then you should add a pashmina scarf to your collection. Made from the finest wool, a hand-woven pashmina scarf is an exclusive piece of fabric that carries with it a high-status touch. If you have a taste for luxury, you will appreciate this neck accessory. It carries with it an elegance that can only be associated with a higher status.

Pashmina wool comes from the body a mountain goat that lives in high altitudes of 12,000 to 14,000 feet of the Himalayan Mountain. It was adored by the rich people of olden days. Before being discovered by the fashion world, pashmina has been a status-symbol for a long time in India and Nepal. Many people had never heard of it a year, but it is more popular now than ever. They are well-designed and comfortable.

It is easy for the untrained eye to mistake a pashmina for cashmere. They may look alike from a distance, but on closer look you will notice pashmina has smooth fibers whose only equivalent is wool. The texture is so fine it feels good on the skin and very comfortable when worn around the neck. The high quality of the fabric makes a pashmina scarf a little bit pricey. You may have to dig a little deeper in your pockets to own one of these. Nonetheless, a worthy price to pay for the warmth and feel. It is a perfect piece to complement your look as you walk down the street in during the fall.

Pashmina scarf, black in color, is a trendy accessory to wear outdoors and indoors. A scarf is easy to wear in elegant and creative ways. With both men and women, it makes a great statement to their outfits and tastes.