This is the finest wool that is used to make scarves and it originates from the Pashmina goats. Most of the Pashmina scarves are either woven or hand spun in Kashmir India were they were first made and Nepal. Most of this wool is combined with silk to make it stronger. This scarves offer the softest wool in the market which make it appealing to the fashion industry. These scarves can be made heavy to shield the wearer from cold during cold winters or light for hot summers.

The Pashmina scarves are unisex with specific designs for women and other designs for men. There are also designs that you can wear to night parties and also to the beach. This fabric has also been used to make other types of scarves like circle scarves, head scarves and neck scarves. You can easily notice this fabric by its uniqueness and softness when you touch it.

Pashmina scarves offer a variety of colours, from brightly coloured scarves to dull ones. They also offer different prints such as floral, animal and stripped. All this prints are aimed for those who still want to dress to impress and leave a fashion legacy. Fashion designers have raided the Pashmina camp and started using its wool for high end designer scarves. They can be pocket, fleeced or even fringing, but one thing remains constant is the fact that this fabric is at the top of its game. This is the main reason why many people like this fabric. So far this wool is being extensively used not only in making Pashmina scarves, but also other types of attires and clothes.

Pashmina scarves are made with one of the worlds’ finest wool. Scarves woven from this wool will give you an elegant and unique outlook.