Shawls and wraps are pieces of material draped around the neck and covering the shoulders. Besides, it’s also used as a headscarf or belt. These scarves are made from different fabrics: lace, silk, soft wool and cotton among others. They vary in shape; square, rectangular and triangle are common shapes. These fabrics are crucial during cold weather since they add a layer of warmth to the wearer.

Therefore, shawls and wraps are ideal for winter and fall seasons. However, some countries, especially middle East, the fabrics are used for religious purposes during prayers and ceremonies, as well used by women to cover head and face. Additionally, it’s a fashionable women’s accessory that complements their outfits.

Silk shawls are common amid the large collection of the wear. They originated from China and quickly spread to Europe then North America and Africa. Silk shawls are soft and easier to clean compared to other existing fabrics such as soft wool and cotton. Silk wraps are printed or plain, thus classy on any outfit regardless of the occasion. Therefore, wear your shawls and wraps to business meeting or evening coffee and get the sophisticated look you want.

The crochet shawl is a homemade accessory using the crochet techniques. If wearing casual outfit, dress over the shawl and style the look to a vintage chic. However, opt for pashmina shawls (made using the pashmina wool), a luxurious hand-woven shawl from soft fiber for a stunning look on casual days.

When buying shawls and wraps, consider the occasion or season you want to wear the accessory. For instance, rectangular shawls serve different functions compared to triangular brands. It is advisable purchasing different colors and designs for your wardrobe. Also, consider the prize of the accessory. Some are costly while others cheap.