The word shawl is used to describe fashionable pieces of fabric that are draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the body. Some people prefer them over the head. They can be worn as an everyday item by men and women. They are much larger in size and are available in square, rectangular or triangular shapes.

Shawls can be worn in different occasions, both casual and formal. Women in a formal outfit can wear a shawl loosely over their shoulders to cover them. They are appropriate for evening occasions where wearing a jacket would be frowned upon. Chic and fashionable women are not left out.

They can be hand-woven or machine sewn from natural fibers such as pashmina, cashmere, silk, wool, cotton and linen or artificial fibers such as velvet and polyester. Commonly, they are embroidered with other fabrics of different colors to decorate and improve their appeal. Some have patterns printed on them for an exquisite look. The great symphony of colors and patterns makes them unique and desirable.

Shawls are a versatile. They are mainly worn to add a finishing touch to an existing outfit. They can also be wrapped around the body to keep you warm while indoors or outdoors during evening events. Some people from certain backgrounds use it for religious functions.

A beautiful shawl gives you a new fresh look when paired with the right outfit. It is an important accessory because it adds elegance and finesse to your wardrobe. Woolen shawls are affordable. If you are after luxury, go for the light, soft and stylish cashmere shawls.

Shawls are good when you want to make a fashion statement; whether thick or thin, soft or shimmery. They are comforting, just like warm hugs, hence a perfect gift for a friend going through a hard time.