It’s easy styling leopard print scarf, thus transform your fashion to a jazz look with the accessory. The scarf is customized in monochromatic classic looks. Following are ways of styling the scarf.

  • Wear the scarf with neutrals such as a black sweater, skinny jeans or black sleeveless dress. If paired, the accessory jazzes up your look. You can add leather jacket and gold chain for edginess and glitz respectively. Spice up the look with heeled booties or motorcycle boots.
  • Leopard print scarf is a neutral fashion accessory, thus blend it with bold wears. Think about denim jeans and bright blazers among other selections. Even more, wear the print scarf with a long-sleeved bright shades dress and flat angle boots. This is a fierce yet laid-back look.
  • Complement your denim wear. Use the animal print scarf to improve the depth of your denim wear. Lay the scarf over your chambray shirt and match with denim dark washed skinny jeans and boots. Add denim jacket compo, although not compulsory. Complement the style with a leather cross-body bag, any style, but a trendy collection.
  • Spice up the animal print by mixing with trendy collections. It’s the best way of utilizing the leopard print scarf if opting for stripped t-shirt, plaid shirt or floral print dress fashion, or denim combos. The fashionable scarf takes your style to another level.
  • Be inventive – if you want to wear the leopard scarf, think outside the box and explore diverse ways of making wear chic. This is a classic accessory that has gone viral in the last few days. Only your creativity defines versatility of the accessory.

When styling leopard print scarf, be very select since the accessory blends well with specific fashionable wears and are suitable for particular occasions.