Pashmina wrap like any other shawl is a treasure. It’s a suitable accessory for formal occasions, when going out shopping or for a date, as such; you need to keep your Pashmina shawl clean always. Below are tips that help you take care of your shawl.

  • The foremost tip is to avoid washing the wrap, especially in detergent water. Instead, add shampoo to cold water and use the solution to wash the shawl. Hand-wash the accessory and dry it gently to protect the fabric from wear and tear. Boil water (lukewarm) and add the shampoo solution.
  • After washing the shawl, condition it’s following the hair condition procedure. Rinse the Pashmina thoroughly to remove shampoo, conditioner and water from the scarf. Avoid squeezing the wrap. Alternatively, wrap a towel around the scarf and roll it to soak water from the shawl. If you bleach the accessory, the chemical in the liquid takes away Pashmina softness.
  • Do not dry it under direct sunlight. Instead, let the shawl dry under-shade and at room temperature. Lay it flat or spread evenly on a soft surface and let it dry.
  • After using your Pashmina wrap, store it away from heat. Once dried, fold it and store away from moisture. Therefore, check and confirm the area is leak proof. If it’s a summer wrap, use month proof chemicals to keep the shawl safe and awaiting summer weather.

Pashmina wrap is among most sorted after exquisite weave of colorful yet neatly embroidery shawls. There are different designs for women and men. Therefore, include two or three Pashmina in your wardrobe. Buy your shawl online today and be ready for any occasion. They retail at $ 10 to $100. Shawls complete your attire, offers warmth during winter season, thus ideal wardrobe accomplice.