This is a large square or rectangular piece of silk, cotton or linen clothing that is used to cover more of a woman’s head at time leaving only the face also known as head gear. Head scarves have been worn by many women around the world over a long period of time for very different reasons. They are worn for different reasons and occasions like culture, religion, social distinction, covering baldness among other reasons.

Culture and religion

Some cultures demand that women in their old age have to wear head scarves as a sign of respect and wisdom, this serves as a distinction factor between them and the younger women. In some cultures the color and clothe of the head gear worn by the elderly is different from that worn by young women or those that are married. The Islamic religion considers a woman’s hair as an intimate body part that should be covered in the presence of men.

The Roman Catholic nuns also have a tradition of covering their heads as a sign of their heads.

Covering baldness

Most of the women who are affected by hair loss issues prefer to cover their heads. Baldness may be caused by many things chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients, skin diseases or bad hair practices. To avoid public intimidation and to keep themselves looking attractive they decide to cover their heads.


Most women with a sense of elegance, style and fashion tend to use head scarves from time to time. This may be to march the attire they are wearing and bring out there inner sense of fashion. There are some designer women head gears that look really attractive when worn together with other attires.

Head scarves are really important accessory to a woman despite different reasons for wearing one.