The winter season is here and time for shopping for new outfits. This winter, some men fashion outfits have hit big and are recommendable for everyone. These include roll necks, military green and shearling jackets. Fair enough to say, not all trends are equally born and to be one the safe side, its best to know what to have and what not to have.

You would not want much to do with the 5 men outfits listed below:

Oversize scarves:

Ok, we understand the goal is to remain warm during winter but an equally important goal is to remain trendy. Designers have somehow managed to introduce to the market an oversize of every outfit or accessory. Sad to say though, an oversized scarf looks mostly like a picnic blanket and you may want to try the cashmere scarf instead.

Bright colors

Well, the weather might be all gloomy but try not to light it up with a bright orange jacket. Try outfits that will closely match your skin tone such as neutral shades or steer subtle. This will invoke a warm feeling towards all those fashion enthusiasts that spot you.

Big checks

Checked outfits might qualify to be a steal men fashion this winter but not loud checks. Choose the colors of your checked outfits well. Old days of color clashing may have returned, but to some extent, best save this for warmer seasons. Try muted checks in case of doubt on what checked outfit to go for.

Drop crotch trousers

With the cold season, the last thing you want to look is like a kid on a wet diaper. Tapered cuts make for an exquisite alternative to the drop crotch trend this winter so be sure to try them out.

Boiler suits

The best thing about boiler suits is that they are unisex and comfortable especially with the cold. However, truth be told, the season does not help them link with your texture. Observing color rules however, you can try a double denim for men fashion. This is sure to bring, as much satisfaction as boiler suits would, of course making you look lesser of an amorphous mass.