Most women do not posses this accessory, especially a green scarf. These are versatile stylish fabric that complements and completes a female’s look. If wearing a blouse, dress, shirt, or t-shirt, then you need a scarf. Statistics show that French women are the leading wearers of scarves, and are very clever when selecting sizes, materials and designs. Scarves are used in different occasions; therefore long are the days when scarves were used ‘only’ on winter occasions.

The French girl with a green scarf standing at the pool feeding ducks is a common story amid fashion bloggers, but is it a true story? Well, that’s a story for another day! Green is a solid color, perhaps the reason why women steer clear from the eccentric chic, but a green silk scarf adds plenty impact to your outfit and an unexpected impact.

Whether dressed in white blouse, shirt or t-shirt, pair it with jeans and cover your neck with the scurf. What’s more, you can wear the scarf as a head band. Common colors are lime and bright green, as the former prevails! These are not bold colors; in fact, bold colors are common amid large sized materials such as sheets. As you would expect, scarves are not very big, thus absolutely stunning accessories.

If wearing shirt-dress, use a green scarf as the belt for your jeans. Back to the French story, in Paris, its common twisting two green scarves into a rope then dropped around the neck as a necklace. None that this is a step-by-step instruction availed online and takes few minutes folding the scarf and securing it correctly.

Scarf is an appropriate and beautiful accessory. Be the girl with the green scarf, dress appropriately and enjoy your creativity.