A long and lean scarf is the simplest to wear. You simply need to wrap your scarf around your neck once. Allow its ends to drape up front and finish up by loosely tying a knot immediately beneath your clavicle.

Silk bow scarf is one of the scarf styles that work well with thin, lightweight silky scarves. Begin by tying a loose bow at the position of your neck’s nape. Then, slightly turn it askew to ensure that it does not appear dowdy. Its edges should be left to hang down right from the knot. Such scarves with slight movements can match well with a midi skirt and an official blouse.

A thin turtleneck is a trending scarf design that is slowly replacing infinity scarves. You only need to fit it in whichever style around your neck. It acts as an idyllic balance between scarves and necklaces.

Although they are not very useful, chunk knit blanket scarves are trendy and one of the best scarf styles around; and you will appreciate them in winter. Their texture allows you to feel warn when everyone else is freezing from within. You can choose between a plain colored or seasonally patterned scarf for this case. Simply drape it all round your shoulders such that it takes the form of a robe refold in halves. Then, pull its ends up facing forward.

There’s no better way to dress up for a fun-filled weekend than to wear a neckerchief scarf styles design. You simply need a square scarf and create anything from it ranging from a casual bandanna to classic oriented silk kerchief. To design it, roll it up to take the appearance of a rope and form a double knot on it. This knot should be located around the center of your frontal neck.

Try to use different plainly colored scarves or flowered ones depending on the occasion to attend.