There are many kinds of scarves for men. Different scarf features suit different uses; some of these clothing for instance are only for wearing on the head, others around the neck, while there are those that a person can use on both parts of the body.

Apart from putting the above uses into consideration when shopping for a scarf, here are the other things that matter:


Common scarves have lengths ranging from 30 to 80 inches. Generally, taller people need longer scarves while their shorter counterparts can do with lengths that are more manageable. Children for instance will find it hard to wear a 70- inch scarf.

Even then, short scarves can still match the needs of most adults, provided they are willing to forego some knotting styles. For instance, Parisian knots require more length to tie, and so on an average body, 60 inches or more would do.


Locally available scarves are made of silk, fur, wool, or linen. Some of these are very costly while others are within reach of the common person. If you pay much attention to being unique, you might want to avoid low quality fabrics since most people own these.

Remember however to stay within your limits as some scarves for men, though very desirable, can wipe your pockets dry- the most expensive scarf today is made of vicuña wool, and to get it, you have to part with a whopping $20, 000!


Heavier scarves are good for cold seasons. However, they might feel uncomfortable during summer. On the other hand, there are light scarves that you can wear on a hot afternoon without a problem. Therefore, if you are looking for style only, go for the lighter versions; but if you need some warmth as well, the heavy ones will help.