Orange is an inspirational color, as such; you can only begin wearing the color after a motivation. Although beautiful, it’s an intimidating color, yet a versatile selection. Orange boasts lots of color shades such as deep blood orange and the light peach collection. It’s an ideal range for different complexions. Therefore, you need to uncover the best color shade for your skin tone.

The orange scarf is a statement piece that adds nice punch in your dressing code. However, do not wear pink from head to toe, or else you will look like a runaway convict. Add a peach colored scarf over your denim jacket and add the pop of color you intended. Here are few hues of orange shades to pair with your outfit:

  • Tangerine orange – the color is brighter than mango and blends well with blue-grey or yellow.
  • Mango color – this is a vibrant orange shade complimentary with pink color.
  • Rust orange – this reddish orange is awesome on cream or brown tops. Also, if you love red, then orange scarf is the best shade for you.
  • Pumpkin orange – wear a cream or tan top with this warm shade and enjoy slight dullness.

Orange and yellow colors are flattering because of their warm effect. Therefore, pair the two accessories, for instance, yellow earrings and orange scarf, or bright yellow high-heels, knee-sized dress and pumpkin orange purse. If wearing orange and black, complement with a combination of your favorite colors.

It’s not easy wearing orange scarves, you have to begin small before broadening the selections. Whether wearing an orange scarf, jewelry, shoes or purse, this is the color that brings life to any casual wear. Thus, explore the different shades of orange scarves during summer and winter events and make-up your hair to complement the scarf and outfit color.