Tying a scarf with one modern loop is a fashion that won’t fade any soon. Simply drape the scarf with one end being slightly longer than the other around your shoulder. Twist the longer edge around your neck once. Then, try to adjust it so that you end up with as close to equal sides as possible.

You can also tie scarf the bunny ear style by first draping the scarf over your shoulder. Just like in the modern loop, one side should be noticeably longer. Loop this longer end round your neck twice in a common direction. Take the end that you twisted and fit it in the second loop after which you should use both ends to tie an artless overhand knot. To make it fancy, fit the loops over the created knot so that both ends hand off the loop on one side.

To tie scarf the turtleneck way, you will drape a long scarf round your shoulder with one side being slightly longer than the other. In one direction, loop the longer side round your neck until it is about to be fully used. Then, tie an overhand knot using both ends of the scarf once or twice in a bid to exhaust the excess fabric. Fit the knot under the loops so that no extra fabric is visible.

The European loop is a trending way of tying scarves. You will begin by folding your long scarf into half lengthwise. Drape this piece over your shoulder with the folded end being significantly shorter than the non-folded one. Try to tightly fit the non-folded edge through the loop that is established by the folded end and start your day.

Quick toss scarf tying style takes less than a minute. Drape the scarf round your shoulder and loop the longer terminal over your neck so that one end hangs on your chest and the other on your back.