The bib is the simplest way to design your square-shaped scarf into an attractive outfit. Fold the scarf into a triangle and ensure it is near to a triangle as possible. Then, wrap one of the ends of the scarf at the posterior of your neck. Finally, wrap the remaining end around at the back of your neck as well. This design creates an outfit that is free of folds and knots. It is also possible to wrap it uniformly with both ends connected and walk around the day feeling great.

The double knot forms another way to tie a scarf. Fold whichever scarf that you have into two equal halves. Then, wrap it round your neck so that a loop is created at the closed end. Try pulling the remaining terminal of your folded headscarf through the loop. Later, you will want to twist the loop and one last time pull your scarf through the same loop to ensure that it is tighter than before and able to withstand the storms of the day. With this design, you will be attempting to jazz up your traditional necktie.

You can also use the lots of loops design to tie a scarf. It works best with long and fairly thicker scarves. It tends to reduce their size since it involves several folds. It is not only warmer but it also works as a perfect alternative to your statement necklace.

You will begin by draping your cute scarf round your neck. Later, you should wrap a single end round your neck then pull it down to have even sides. Choose an end to wrap into the created loop severally until the material runs out. Repeat this step with the other loop in a similar direction; either towards or away from the neck.