Winter scarves are a great accessory to have during the chilly winter months. Winter involves wearing layers upon layers of clothes; it is only practical to throw in a scarf for some extra warmth. They are supposed to be wrapped around your neck to prevent the body from losing heat. Besides serving the intended purpose, to keep your body warm, they also give a nice finishing touch to your winter outfit. I understand that having the perfect outfit is not a priority when you live in near-freezing temperatures, but with a carefully chosen scarf you can have both. You can be warm and cozy, and look good during the holidays.

They are suitable for indoor wear, when the house gets pretty cold, even with the A.C. cranked up. Also, winter scarves will keep your neck warm when you leave the house for work, school or during the evening events. There are different kinds of scarves available for both men and women. All are fashionable, trendy and simple to wear. If you are looking for functionality go for the much heavier infinity, woolen or linen scarfs. If you want luxury and finesse, cashmere and pashmina winter scarves will suit your taste. They are light, soft and very warm. You can choose one that goes well with your winter wardrobe or a bold scarf that makes you noticeable in a crowd.

There are different ways wear winter scarves. You want the scarf to give you a snuggly fit for maximum warmth when wrapped around the neck. The most basic style and simple is the Parisian, where you create a loop by folding a scarf lengthwise around the neck and pulling the ends through the loop. If you are looking for more styles, the internet is a good place to start.