This are scarves made of wool, it could be either goat or sheep wool. Most of them are made in Ireland and the infamous Scottish cashmere mill. Many people love wool scarves because they offer a natural feel that no other fabric offers and have a super soft feel. They are good reservation of body heat and mostly worn during winter and cold nights. Most of this scarves are unisex and can be worn by anyone be it kids of the elderly. Though there exists few scarfs made of wool only, it can be mixed with silk to make it stronger and more attractive.

Fashion designers have also stretched their creativity into wool scarves. Now you can find a wide variety scarves designs made in wool. The most popular design among American celebrities is the snow white bushy scarves that look like real wool on an animals hide. Some designers have also gone to the extent of merging this bushy scarves into coats and jackets. Who would have ever thought there would come a time that scarves made wool would make such a big re-entry into the American fashion market.

Wool scarves come in many colors and with different designs. Those from cashmere are mostly fringing and naturally made and are also the most common of all scarves made by wool. There also those made of pashmina wool from the pashmina goats in Nepal and India. They mostly contain a mixture of wool and silk. This scarves can be easily bought as they don’t cost much of a fortune. The best thing about this scarves is that they will always be of great importance during the winter.

Wool scarves mainly cold season accessories but they can be also used during summertime, it all depends with what type you buy.